It Starts With the Perfect Impression

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The Problem: impression trays that involve guesswork. which tray will fit which patient?

The Solution

The Adjust-a-Tray™ alleviates the process of trial and error by introducing a tray that can be tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy.

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The problem: disorganized storage. where is the required impression tray stored?

The Solution

With easy and simple storage, there will be no more struggling to identify which tray has been stored in which location.

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The problem: Reusing trays and storing in non-sterile bags.

The Solution

Adjust-a-Tray™ is a one-time use tray. No more sanitizing and storing reusable trays. They are packaged individually and ready for immediate use.

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  • Dr. Michael DiTolla

    The genius of the Adjust-a-Tray is its ability to be used in four different widths and three different lengths; the trays easily provide the solution.

  • Jennifer Carpio

    What a great idea! This tray gives me options, thanks to buccal/facial walls that break away. This is definitely a tray worth trying!

  • Mark Seiter

    Adjust-a-Tray completely captures the anatomy, resulting in better impressions, a quality prosthetic, and a happy patient.